Mobile app connecting animal lovers across Sri Lanka, providing real-time help to stray.

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I want to create native mobile application (Android & IOS) connecting animal lovers across Sri Lanka

Ms. A. S. Sarah


Hi. My name is Sarah and this is my story. Apart from running a tea business, my life revolves around rescuing animals. Ever since I was a kid , whenever I came across a stray animal and if I noticed that the dog or the cat had not been well fed, I would just feed the poor animal whatever I was eating at the time. As I was growing up I came across many animals that were homeless and left to die on the streets. One thing that amazed me was how many people were willing to help these poor animals but not have the means to do it immediately. This is what I aim to do with my app. I plan to bridge the gap between poor helpless animals and their journey to recovery. As an individual, as a human being, I feel it is my responsibility to help the helpless and I need your help to make it happen

The process of taking a photo of the injured animal and uploading it on Facebook with the purpose of sharing on different groups and pages and waiting for animal lovers to comment asking for location etc. takes loads of time. By then it's too late. This is why I thought with an app like this all the animal lovers will be on one platform and everyone will get a notification immediately of the injured animal and the closest animal lover could go and help immediately.


How it works – If you see a dog bleeding on the road and you are unable to attend to him, you can send a message to the animal care-giving community in five steps.

Step 1: You can open the app, and click a picture of the dog;
 Step 2: The location is automatically extracted via GPS;
 Step 3: You then have to select what the issue is (in this case it might be an accident); and
 Step 4: Write down comments, place landmark and then submit.

A case is created and is broadcasted to all the people nearby who have the app; they also receive a notification.

Step 5: An app user can choose to accept or reject the help. Once accepted, the person gets connected with the one who has created the case and thus they can take the rescue ahead.

In case there is no one available to accept the case, the user has access to database of
veterinarians, ambulances, NGOs and vet chemists near their location.

Further, the mobile application will allow its users to adopt an animal and it also acts as a ‘social feed’ for animals and and animal lovers.

This app will also raise funds for animal care— feeding, medical cost, hospital bills, and ambulance transportation. This mobile app, which will enable a user to find foster homes, connect with blood donors for animals, and also report animal abuse.

Designing and Development Cost
Android Native (Making it specifically for andriod Operating systems) 650,000

IOS Native (Making it specifically for IOS operating systems )

Admin Panel (representation of what information will be sent to a users display screen) 100,000
Website 100,000

Contact Details

Full name Ms. A. S. Sarah
Address Rosara ceylon Pvt Ltd, Cambridge place, Colombo 07
Phone +94 0754669377

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