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Critical flood relief - Please help our fellow Sri Lankans

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We wish to provide immediate relief to severely flood affected families in several districts in the country.

Akash De Silva (National Director of the Voice Foundation)


Hi, my name is Akash De Silva, and I work for the Voice Foundation Sri Lanka ( The Voice Foundation is a government registered non profit organization that strives to actively protect those impacted by violence, oppression, injustice, crime and natural disasters.


As you all know we are experiencing one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent times. To reduce the suffering of the victims we at the Voice Foundation wish to provide immediate relief to severely affected families displaced by the prevailing flash floods.

With your help we hope to raise Rs. 600,000 in two phases to deliver essential items that are desperately needed; mainly dry rations (milk powder, sugar, rice), drinking water, clothing, undergarments, sanitary wear, footwear, mats, sheets, towels, pillows, candles, soap and such basic essentials.

We propose to raise Rs.300,000 in the first phase to support 500 individuals, spending about Rs.600 per person. We seek to complete the first phase by 4th of June 2016 and subsequently commence the second phase to raise Rs.300,000 to support another 500 individuals.

Our collections through this campaign will be used to help the below Sri Lankans

Children’s spectacles Province Number of families Number of people
Buthgamuwa Western 25 102 people including children
Arunodhya Mawatha Western 150 600 people including children
Polwatta Central 10 40 people including children
Kaduwela Western N/A 300 people including children
Killinochi/Mullaitivu Northern Count not known as immediate travel routes are not easily accessible. 300 people including children
Total 185 1,042

Camp locations;

With approximately 420,000 people affected by the floods of which about 299,000 remain displaced, we are currently assisting roughly 6,000 individuals with public assistance in five key areas. There continue to be pleas from many other regions within the island for evacuation and relief support which serves to only increase numbers who need assistance. People in these areas have lost their homes, and all of their belongings.



Item Volume of purchase Unit Price (Rs) Cost (Rs.) Comments
Milk powder 50kgs 810 40,500 Adults & Children
Sugar 50kgs 110 5,500
Rice 50kgs 100 5,000
Salt 20 packets (400gms) 50 1000
Drinking water 80 litres 100 8,000
Rubber Slippers 300 pairs 200 60,000
Mats 300 200 60,000
Sheets 300 250 75,000
Pillows 300 200 60,000
Undergarments -women 300 nos 350 105,000
Sanitary wear 300 packets 220 66,000
Baby Diapers 300 packets 180 for a pack of 4 13,500
Baby Bottles 100 200 20,000
Soaps 200 160 for a pack of 4 8,000
Towels 200 300 60,000
Pillows 200 200 40,000
Toothpaste 40 tubes (40g) 70 2,800 Adults & Children
Toothbrushes 100 45 4,500 Adults & Children
Batteries 100 200 for a twin set 1,000
Panadol - adults 20 boxes 435 8,700
Panadol - Infants 20 bottles 170 3,400
Samahan 50 boxes 20 1,000
Dettol 10 large bottles 750 7,500
Total 656,400

All collections will channeled into buying the above provisions which will be parceled/bagged and allocated to families based on their specific need.

By clicking on your choice of donation on the right side of this page, you are making a tremendous contribution to the survival of these affected families.

Other Information

Individual contributions can also be made directly to Voice Foundations account the details of which are as follows:

Bank & Branch: NDB Bank, Battaramula Branch
Account Name: Voice Foundation
Account Number: 101000432815

All individual contributions outside of this project needs to be notified to the National Director of the Voice Foundation, Mr Akash De Silva.

Contact Details

Full name Akash De Silva (National Director of the Voice Foundation)
Address No 465, Sri Jayawardenapura Road, Welikada,Sri Lanka - 10100
Phone +94 772512374

Tribefunds’ administrator comment

As this is a charitable cause to help our own, we will provide the Voice Foundation Sri Lanka any contributions that are generated from this campaign. Further we waive off all administration and processing expenses in relation to this campaign, as such all donations collected will be provided to the families in full.