1. We are a technology platform that facilitates a meeting between the project owner and potential investors. We are not involved in managing, reimbursing, disbursing funds or any other monetary or non-monetary benefits under any circumstances. All transactions happen directly between the project owner and the potential investor

  2. We do not provide investment advise and do not recommend to buy or sell securities

  3. The financial numbers/ business plans/ pitch decks/ project Intellectual Property are owned by the project owner. Further, we do not guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the data and information provided by the project owner

  4. The investment opportunities offered by the project owners may have tax consequences and we are not not liable for the same. The potential investor should consult a tax expert for the same

  5. The investors/ subscribers need to acknowledge that investing Private Equity can be deemed as a risky investment and may not suit all investor risk appetites. It is up to investor to assess the suitability of each project based on his/ hers risk appetite

  6. We are not responsible for the performance/ non performance of the project

  7. We do not conduct due diligence on the companies

  8. The project owners may from time to time revise certain information relating to their investment opportunity that is showcased on the platform. In the event of such a change, we will inform all “subscribers” via electronic mail of a notification of a change but not necessary the specific detail of the change. It is the responsibility of the “subscriber” to be updated of the latest information pertaining to the investment opportunity.

  9. Should a subscriber click on the “interested” button of an investment opportunity he or she will be contacted by us to obtain details of interest and to share more information of the investment opportunity.

  10. 3rd party service providers in the platform

    We display names and contact details of third party service providers. We are not responsible nor accept liability on the services offered by them

  11. Subscription

    Minimum term of a subscription is 12 months

  12. Termination

    One month notice

  13. Payment

    Mobile Application

    Direct deposit in to the bank account

  14. Others

    Subscribers / potential investors would not share their log ins with other people