BookBank an app/web site that makes lending and borrowing books so much easier

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Website/app that makes lending and borrowing books so much easier.

Warna Hasaranga


Hi my name is Warna and I am the founder of BookBank. My aim is to eventually eradicate the necessity of printing books by creating an app and a website that will help booklovers share and borrow thus reducing the necessity of cutting down trees for paper.

As we speak, more than 199 tons of paper have already been produced. It takes an average of 5 liters of water to produce one piece of paper. More importantly 93% of paper comes from trees. Even though we are in 2018, according to the research statistics, 68% of the population read print books, and 38% of them read only print books.

Each tree produces enough oxygen for 3 people to breath. So the habit of reading print books affects the environment silently and strongly, so we must act to help the environment. It is a fact that people don’t re-read most of the books and only a very few donate the print books to a library, or resell online to use by another user.


The key points of my projects is as follows;

(1) My proposed app, BookBank, is a highly environmentally friendly concept.

(2) The BookBank app/website will help printed book users to share their books and will help readers to get a fair bit of income by lending their books that they have finished reading.

(3) On the other hand, the app/website will help borrower to save a huge amount of money and more importantly that single transaction will help to save millions of trees a day.

As primary functions, users will be able to search the book they want to read and track down the nearest book location, users will be able to lend books to selected users, users can make a request to borrow a book, which is available at someone or add the books to the inventory, that the user would like to lend. By lending the books at fair charge, which are sitting on the book selves, user will be able to gain an additional income.

Also the user can add books in a easy way or with further developments of the app, user will be able to use the ISBN scanner to add books, if the user has a large amount of books. Figure wise, a dollar a book per week will earn $20 a week, If the user can lend 20 books. Also the borrower will get a huge saving by not purchasing the book at a higher price.

The risk of the book will be remain with the book lender and the app /website will guide the user to get a agreement signed by the borrower to avoid unnecessary conflicts and losses. The app/website company will not be responsible for damages or loses, but the app / website has the full authority to ban the user from the system on violation of rules and conditions. Each and every user will be verified with mobile number and email address. To minimise the risk, user profile will not be activated if the user failed to verify their identity.

System Requirement Specification

1. User registration is free and users will get a demo period to experience the system

2. After the demo period, the user will be requested to pay a very low registration fee to activate the account

3. The user will be requested to confirm user’s identity.

4. Users will be able to add books to their book lists.

5. User will be able to search for the desired book and the system will list down available locations sort by the distance from the user location (GPS Location function will be used).

6. Once the borrower request a book and lender accepts the request to lend the book, the commission will be deducted from lenders account and lender’s full contact details will display to the borrower.


Requiremnt Ammount (LKR)
App and Linked Website Development 120,000
Total Requested Funds 120,000


I’m Warna Hasaranga Ediriweera, aged 36, and an award winning inventor and a internationally recognized social worker who provided the service in Sri Lanka, Australia, Cooks Island and Papua New Guinea for sea farers from more than 100 nationalities. I have studies international trade and currently work as a entrepreneur and a professional photographer. I always wanted to do inventions with a set of non-patented inventions with me to save the nature. This “Book Bank “ concept is something I came across few months back while brainstorming for nature friendly application.

Contact Details

Full name Warna Hasaran
Address 134/2, Peralanda Ragama.
Phone +94 76 529 3793